Donations, sponsorship and payments

We care about our local community and about healthcare in the UK, and we proudly provide financial support to a variety of organisations through sponsorship and charitable donations. We also work in partnership with healthcare professionals for the benefit of patients, working together to enable better understanding and treatment of diseases in all our therapy areas. We believe that we have achieved far more working together than we could ever have achieved alone.

Working in partnership means that we sometimes make payments to healthcare professionals, for example to reimburse them for their time and expertise in advising us about how our medicines can best meet patients’ needs, for speaking at meetings sharing best practice, and to support them in attending meetings and conferences that contribute to their continued development.

Napp is committed to ensuring that our relationships with healthcare professionals are transparent. In 2016, we will join others in our industry in releasing payment information at an individual level for payments made to healthcare professionals in 2015.

Napp adheres to the requirements of the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) Code of Practice in the conduct of our business. As part of this commitment, we declare annually all payments made to UK healthcare professionals (HCPs). In addition, we provide transparency on our interactions with, and support of patient organisations, and any grants support and donations we provide to institutions, associations and organisations.

As per the ABPI Code of Practice, all transfers of value to UK HCPs and HCOs (including those provided as grants, donations or benefits in kind) made in 2015 and subsequent years are to be disclosed on a central ABPI platform for disclosure. Payments made to individuals in 2015 will be disclosed by 1 July 2016. The portal can be accessed using this web address:

Support provided to patient organisations and other organisations or groups in our local community will continue to be disclosed below. Details of payments and support by Napp in the UK can be found below:

2015 Payments to patient organisations and other organisations or groups

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