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Our space

All the companies in the Napp Pharmaceutical Group are based on the Science Park in Cambridge, UK, which is Europe’s longest-serving and largest commercial centre for research and development. It is home to a growing number of high-tech companies, but remains a pleasant and leafy environment with excellent facilities, including a gym and conference centre.

Our offices have been designed with our core values in mind. Everyone works in open plan areas with varied breakout spaces that encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas, and flexible enclosed spaces available for quiet working or private meetings. Our offices hold the 2010 British Council for Offices Regional Award for Corporate Workplace, recognising our commitment to achieving the best possible working environment for our people.

A short walk from our offices is the iconic original Napp building, which was designed by Canadian architect, Arthur Erickson and which is home to Bard Pharmaceuticals Limited, the production and supply chain business of the Napp Group.

We have excellent on-site catering facilities as well as a clubhouse, which is home to Napp’s Sports and Social Club. The clubhouse is a popular venue that combines meeting and events spaces, and a bar.

We are committed to equality, inclusion and accessibility. We recognise that some of our employees and others visiting our buildings may have disabilities, and we strive to ensure that potential difficulties are addressed.

Last updated: 16 May 2014