We monitor our channels Monday-Friday 09:00-16:30 (except bank holidays) and will do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can. However, we must uphold our industry regulations and standards in every interaction. This means we may take longer than some companies to respond and that there are some conversations that we cannot engage with or allow on our channels.

Below you will find the fundamental principles we wish to uphold on our account:  

Promotion of products or services

We will delete any comment that mentions specific medicines or products, be it our own or another company’s. Any commercial content advertising a product or a service will also be deleted. If you have questions about one of our products we invite you to visit: (or email The best source of information about any medicine is a healthcare professional so please speak to your doctor, nurse of pharmacist if you have any concerns or questions.

Adverse Events  

We ask you not to discuss any side effects about products, also known as ‘adverse events’, you may experience, on this account and instead use the most appropriate route to report these as outlined below.

Please talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse about any side effects, this includes possible side effects not listed in the package leaflet. You can also report side effects directly to us via or directly to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) via their Yellow Card Scheme at

If we identify a post containing side effect information (adverse event) about any of our medicines, information about you will be retained and shared with our drug safety team who monitor side effects part of our duty as a pharmaceutical company. User-generated information deemed to be an adverse event will be collected by the company in order to meet legal obligations. Such information is beneficial for the protection of public health. It should also be noted that the company may follow-up directly with the individual who generated the adverse event information to gain more information.

Medical Advice

General medical topics can be discussed but they should not be construed as medical advice.     

We always advise you to speak with your medical professional about any medication you have questions about. If you are a medical professional, please contact our medical information team for detailed information:

Personal and private information

Protect yourself and others by not sharing personal or private information on this channel, this includes items like email addresses, phone numbers, location (address) or information someone may not wish to share. Social media accounts are open platforms, and this will be seen by everyone who accesses the page. We will delete any posts we think share personal information.

Trade secrets, intellectual property

We may delete comments that contain sensitive information that we believe contravene third party copyright or intellectual property, except when consent of the owners is clearly provided.

Respecting each other

We have built a reputation outside of social media based on partnerships, facilitating learning and the exchange of ideas, and we hope to replicate that on social media as well.

We welcome lively debate but ask you to remain on topic and respect the other users of the account.

We will delete messages that we deem to be:

  • Offensive, vulgar, harassing, abusive or contain profanity
  • Personal attacks of any kind that target ethnic, racial, religious age or gender orientation groups
  • May, in any way, be in breach of the law. In such cases we may be obliged to report this to relevant authorities.
  • Disparaging references to product information and healthcare professionals

Hackers, spammers and posts aimed at disruption:

We’ll do our best to protect you from users trying to disrupt your experience. Any post we feel may interfere with the operation or user experience of this site will be deleted.

We are always learning:

We’ve tried to keep it short and clear. There may well be other posts that when assessed further or at a later date contravene our industry regulations and we reserve the right to delete those posts. Sometimes these are simply misunderstandings. If you feel that’s the case, then please get in contact with us via a direct message or email

Data Privacy:

Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. To learn more about how Napp protects your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Notice on the Napp website:

Analytics on social media:

Social media companies (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) have different policies regarding how they use your personal information and you should consult these for specific information about how they share your information. It’s important to note that this includes sharing information to third party vendors including, ‘social listening’ or ‘tracking’ software companies.

We are interested in improving the information we share. Most social media companies provide a free service to monitor posts through their built in ‘analytics’ function and we make use of these.

Digital analysis and social tracking tools

Given the huge number of posts on social media it can be difficult to always see the topics we’re interested in. We use social listening or tracking tools to understand and keep abreast of the areas of interest to us. This includes identifying topical themes, audience types and behaviours, popular posts and campaigns.

Following specific accounts:

Like many social media users, we have accounts that we like to follow specifically as they share information that interests us. These are individuals who are particularly influential to our work, such as media outlets, Non-Government Organisations, government bodies or leading healthcare professionals (online influencers or key opinion leaders).  Such accounts are known as social media ‘influencers’ and we aim to only follow accounts who are attempting to share information with a broad audience. 

We avoid using and recording identifiable information from people who aren’t ‘influencers’. However, there are situations when we are legally required to do this, such as our duty to report any side effects (adverse events) we observe about our medicines on our channels. If we identify a post containing side effect information (adverse event), information will be retained and shared with our colleagues who monitor adverse events.