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Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited is a UK-based commercial pharmaceutical company, and we make medicines available to UK health professionals and their patients. Having a commercial focus on the UK market alone means that we have built enviable expertise in our healthcare system, and we have the flexibility to ensure that we can support the NHS in addressing its challenges whilst also securing our success and sustainability as a business.

Whilst our commercial focus is in the UK, we are part of the Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited group of companies, which includes Bard Pharmaceuticals Limited, a Cambridge-based production and supply chain company, which manufactures and exports medicines to over 40 countries worldwide. 

Napp is part of the global network of Mundipharma independent associated companies, which has a presence across Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Mundipharma is dedicated to bringing innovative treatments to patients. Our guiding principles, centered around Integrity and Patient-Centricity, are at the heart of everything we do. 

“Where care and collaboration meet, to make a difference when it matters most.”

Mundipharma at a glance
Over 2,600 employees⃰
3,572 Marketing Authorisationsmarketing symbol
Headquartered in Cambridge UK, with a presence across Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.  Capabilities across Commercial, Market Access, Manufacturing and Supply Chain.  Experience in late-phase development and in leading global, multi-centre clinical trials in Specialty Care.
Global leader in Pain Management. Partner of choice to commercialise Specialty Care products (outside US). Therapy areas include anti-infectives, biosimilars, central nervous system (CNS), oncology, ophthalmology and respiratory.molecule symbol

⃰ Actuals for 2022

Opioid Charter

For Mundipharma’s Charter on the responsible medical use of opioid analgesics in pain management click here.

Opioid Safety Statement

“Attention should be given as the use of opioids has a risk of addiction, misuse and abuse. Therefore, appropriate assessment and monitoring is a requirement at initiation, maintenance and tapering down of opioid therapy.”