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Napp has grown up with the NHS, providing innovative medicines to patients in the UK since the 1920s, and we are committed to working in partnership with colleagues in the NHS to improve patient outcomes and ensure the sustainability of healthcare. We are proud of our heritage of innovation, which began with the treatment of chronic pain and has expanded into respiratory medicine, oncology and inflammatory disorders.

In an environment that is under ever-increasing financial pressures, Napp works alongside policy makers and colleagues in the NHS, at a national and local level, to offer value through the realistic pricing of our medicines, and the services and resources we provide. Whether this value is offered through the skills and expertise of our people or our Napp Academy medical education programme, we strive to understand and respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

Opioid Charter

For Mundipharma’s Charter on the responsible medical use of opioid analgesics in pain management click here.

Opioid Safety Statement

“Attention should be given as the use of opioids has a risk of addiction, misuse and abuse. Therefore, appropriate assessment and monitoring is a requirement at initiation, maintenance and tapering down of opioid therapy.”