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We’re in the business of bringing medicines to the NHS. It’s work that deeply affects the lives of health providers and patients — and here at Napp we pride ourselves on doing it the right way.

Napp Pharmaceuticals is a member of the Mundipharma network of independent associated companies. You can find out more about Mundipharma here.

Napp have a strong track record in bringing high quality, innovative medicines to UK health professionals and their patients. We believe in excellence and delivering on our promises to the NHS, patients, our business partners and each other. We strive to offer new medicines and initiatives that meet genuine needs, make a positive difference to patients’ lives and support the NHS in delivering effective, high-quality, sustainable healthcare.

Our guiding principles and behaviours underpin everything we do. Together, we’re committed to meeting patients’ needs, and we’re proud of the impact we make. Learn more about our guiding principles and behaviours.

Opioid Charter

For Mundipharma’s Charter on the responsible medical use of opioid analgesics in pain management click here.

Opioid Safety Statement

“Attention should be given as the use of opioids has a risk of addiction, misuse and abuse. Therefore, appropriate assessment and monitoring is a requirement at initiation, maintenance and tapering down of opioid therapy.”